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Quick Details

Info Includes: Gear, water, lunch, transfer to the Natural Pool

Ride Along Passenger Starting at:
2 Seater UTV Single or Double Riders
3 Seater UTV Up to 3 Riders
4 Seater UTV Up to 4 Riders
5 Seater UTV Up to 5 Riders

Do the Ultimate, Aruba’s Most Exciting & Guided UTV Safari


  • Buckle up and take the wheel of the coolest, most colorful UTVs.
  • See more sites, rough terrain, and nature.
  • Cool off in two amazing spots to swim, snorkel & cliff jump.
  • Criss-cross the Aruba’s National Park and uncover treasurers’ others leave out.
  • Hike down to Aruba’s most beautiful Natural Pool, also known as “Conchi”.
  • Enjoy the Kelly’s family recipes for lunch at Waka Waka restaurant!

We’re 4-wheel’n, sweeping the scenic route, winding along Aruba’s chiseled coastline and showing you the very best scenery, the Caribbean has to offer – so buckle up and get ready for the most thrill ride in Aruba!

From behind the wheel of your UTV, explore and marvel at the Bushiribana Ruins, a dramatic fortress along our contrasting northern coast and we’ll wrap our way up and down, traversing rugged terrain worthy of Aruba’s most amazing, panoramic views!

Disconnect from the world, Cliff jump, Snorkel and Swim at the Island’s most spectacular of all, Aruba’s Natural Pool. ABC Tours invites you to explore where other tours simply cannot navigate to. For the spectacular views alone The Natural Pool “Conchi” is worthy of this bumpy, obstacle-filled, ride. The Natural Pool offers the ideal combination of the open Caribbean turquoise sea, crashing on massive rock formations inviting you to discover our natural beauty. Conchi. This is a do not miss!

Let’s criss-cross Aruba’s National Park and its rough terrain which reveals more incredible treasures— Let us take you there, 4-wheel’n under the watchful eyes of our certified guides.

Visit these Hot Spots and Attractions

  • National Park
  • Natural Pool “Conchi”
  • Wariruri Bridge
  • Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins
  • Alto Vista Chapel
  • Baranca Blanco Beach

Drive By & “See”

  • Ayo Rock Formation
  • Boca Kieto Beach
  • Beautiful East Coast