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Quick Details

Ride Along Passenger
2 Seater UTV Single or Double Riders
3 Seater UTV Up to 3 Riders
4 Seater UTV Up to 4 Riders
5 Seater UTV Up to 5 Riders

Rev your engines, excitement awaits!

Gear up for an adventure in our vibrant UTVs on an Award-Winning Expedition. Navigate Aruba’s wild landscapes to unearth hidden gems – Boca Andicuri and Blackstone Beach. Relive history at the enchanting Bushiribana Ruins.

At Baranca Blanco Beach, cliff-dive, snorkel, and swim alongside vibrant marine life, experiencing Aruba in a thrilling way.

All this exploration works up an appetite! Unwind with a sit-down lunch of Aruba’s best BBQ and Grouper Fish, cooked the local way. It’s not just a UTV tour, it’s your Aruban adventure passport. Rev your engines, excitement awaits!